What’s in Your Wagon?

Oct 12th, 2011No Comments

That’s a question I have been asking myself ever since I met with one of my very new clients recently. We were talking about how to put stories into our social media to help in making connections with our fans and friends, and I told her mine – I’m a single mom of two lovely, lively boys, and started my own company. She then told me of a woman, similar to me, who started a career in real estate. She wanted to go door-to-door in a certain neighbourhood, but had her children with her.

Instead of giving up and not doing it, she loaded up her kids in a wagon and took them with her. This woman then got to thinking, “What’s really in my wagon?” She had brought her kids with her because they were important, and could be with her along her journey – even if that journey was only going door-knocking. The success in her career was critical (make money or starve!), but so were her kids. She didn’t compromise. She got a wagon.

Over-Stuffing our Lives

That story has stayed with me, and I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because I need to really think about what’s in my wagon. One of the reasons I started out on my own was to show my kids that they could do anything they wanted – just have an idea, some gumption and a bit of insanity, and they could do it, too. I want them in my wagon every single day (even when they’re teenagers and lose the ability to speak in anything other than monosyllables).

But I think I have junk in my wagon, too (which is different from junk in my trunk, which is another story). If I put things in there that aren’t important – old issues or hang-ups, baggage from my past life, stupid things that don’t add value to my day but take up all my time – then I’m not making room for the things that matter.

Tip the Wagon – Then Re-Pack it

So I’ve decided to “tip my wagon”. I’m going to empty it out, look at what spills onto the floor, and then carefully re-pack it with the things that I love. I love to read. We know I love my kids. I love moments of quiet (probably because they’re rare). I love the sound of the rain at night (it’s falling now). I love my close and dear friends, and my crazy, Triple-A personality family.

Ask yourself – “What’s in my wagon?” We’re all going a zillion miles a minute. If we’re carrying too much we’ll dislocate our shoulders. Or worse, we’ll accidentally tip the whole thing over and then really lose those things that we never wanted to lose. Be careful.

We all need our wagons. Pack light, but pack with intent.


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