Hello. We’re a fast-moving,
expert-laden, performance driven social media marketing machine full of nerds that eat, drink and breathe results.

So many businesses WANT an amaze-balls social media program, but they’re stuck, and it’s just not working. They’re wasting time and money. Not good.

We take social media programs and slather them in awesome sauce. Need someone to do the work for you to generate leads and post remarkable content? Coming right up!

Prefer to be the cook, but unsure your ingredients are working? We’ve got you covered there, too.

How Awesome Sauce is Made

Social Media Management

We will take care of the whole enchilada for you, from content creation and daily postings, to monitoring and optimizing the performance of your social media activity.

Lead Generation

A fancy way of saying that we know all the algorithm magic to drive new clients to your door and money in the bank.


Want to take your awesomeness to a whole new level? We’ll take stock of your current social media status and then show you how.

Training & Classes

Want Rebecca to train your team on a specific topic? Browse through the courses she offers, and pick the one most covered in awesome sauce for your company.

Our Results

The one question we always get (and always should get) is,
“What should I expect when we engage Impetus?”

Higher Reach
Higher Engagement
More Conversions
Focus on Results


We’ve worked with thousands of people and businesses that needed that extra “OOMPH!” to their social media programs.

Oh, & We Blog Sometimes

Meet The Team

We’re nerds of a feather that flock together.

Rebecca Mountain

Chief Mess Maker

Karen Chapman

Vice Chief Mess Maker

Anjana Kipfer

Social Media Writer & Curator of Awesome

Sarah Moritz

Social Media Writer & Awesome Sauce Developer

Patrycja Maka

Word Wizard & Wanderlust

Jennifer Butwell

Finance Guru and Money Manager Extraordinaire

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Rebecca has taken 2 social-media resistant entrepreneurs and dragged us (kicking and screaming) into the cyber world to market our businesses.

Ann Wycoff, Ph.D. & Stephen Parker, Ph.D.

I have recently attended 2 social media seminars, as they relate to the real estate field, and I found Rebeccas approach to be the most comprehensible, regardless of the technical skill level in the classroom. Even after the upcoming changes to RECOs Mandatory Continuing Education model, when you cant get credits for such a courses, I would still attend and highly recommend any course that is offered by Rebecca, not just in the real estate field, but for any business applications that need to utilize social media. It is simply Social Media Made easy!! Thank you Rebecca!

Tamer Fahmi, Broker of Record President, Hearth and Home Realty Inc.