¬†Insightful Videos (no bias here…)

My Story

Have we met? If not, enjoy this short video on my story. If you want the full version, bring wine!

Need a mentor?

Sometimes you just need to get some guidance so you can execute your social media program properly. Even if you plan to delegate to someone on your team, it’s important to understand what you’re asking them to do, and what performance metrics you should analyze.

Lead Conversion

Lead generation is the life blood of your business. But if you don’t turn leads into cash, then you might as well take your money out back and burn it (and roast s’mores! I love s’mores!). We do it right, and convert an incremental 10-40% of your database into cold, lovely cash.

Do what you love

I love what I do every day, and you should, too. I’ve helped a lot of people transition into the lives they’ve always wanted and it means my team is happy, productive and super awesome.

Social Media Content

Do you stare at “the blinking cursor of death” wondering what to write on Facebook today? We’re here to help. We love that little cursor (we curse at it, and we still love it).

Blogging & Digital Content Writing

Blogging can help your website generate more traffic. Having the right content ON your website is equally important! We do it all!

Me in "Presentation Mode"

Want to hire me to present, but never heard me before? I did a 25-minute presentation to business leaders and you can watch the whole thing, or skip around. If you want to hire me, just click on the “book now” buttons on my website!