Our Results

Our Results

The one question we ALWAYS get (and always SHOULD get) is “What should I expect when we engage Impetus?”

That’s a doozy, and it’s usually based on a whack of different factors. But “it depends” doesn’t tend to win clients, as you can well imagine.

We work with our clients who have budgets anywhere from $750/mo to over $10,000 per month. That’s a WIDE spread, but we treat every single one as important. So it doesn’t matter if your budget is tiny, or humongous. You’re our client and we love you just as much!

Here are some results :

Campaign ad budget: $250

  • Industry: Real estate
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Market: Toronto
  • Ad type: Lead Ad
  • Conversion (defined as # people who submit their info on a form/ # who visited the landing page): 13.5%

The average conversion rate for online leads is 1-2%

Campaign ad budget: $1,000

  • Industry: Business Coaching
  • Duration: 2 weeks only
  • Market: United Kingdom (targeted an email list that was uploaded to Facebook, and then added in specific interest targeting to narrow the audience)
  • Ad type: Website Conversion ad
  • Conversion: 31.5% 

(We ran what’s called a “lead ad” for this one…and the cost for a good lead can be up to $25/lead. We got it down below $3. WIN!)

So you see, we don’t mess around. We’re SERIOUS about what we do. Can I GUARANTEE that we’ll get those results for you? Nope. But I certainly try. I’m competitive with MYSELF, let alone my actual competition. So if I can get you way above average results, then I will.

I let my results speak for themselves.