Meet The Team

We’re nerds of a feather that flock together. Here’s the whole group.

Rebecca Mountain

Chief Mess Maker

She generally comes up with GREAT ideas (that Karen makes her not do because she’s already doing too much). Total social media nerd. Believes in the science of marketing and performance analytics. Mom of 4. Eternal optimist. Voracious reader. Motorcycle rider. Scuba Diver.

Karen Chapman

Vice Chief Mess Maker

Karen keeps Rebecca in line, and runs ALL internal projects. She gets shit done on time, on budget and with all t’s crossed and I’s dotted. She also never speaks to clients, because, well, it’s not safe for them (the clients, that is). Mom of 2. Voracious reader (steals Rebecca’s books). Apple of her hubby’s eye. Knows EXACTLY how many steps she takes in a day.

Anjana Kipfer

Social Media Writer & Curator of Awesome

Anjana is one of Impetus’s social media writers, which means she can change the way she writes based on the client’s own voice so that all her stuff sounds JUST LIKE THEM! It’s an amazing talent! Mom of 2. Concert-lover (she goes to about 100 concerts a year. Okay, slight exaggeration). World traveler. Gets “the feels” super easy (baby videos? She’s done!).

Sarah Moritz

Social Media Writer & Awesome Sauce Developer

Sarah is also an amazing-changeling writer, and does a damn good job of it, too! Her interests are super diverse, and she loves new things. She’s been a makeup artist, Holistic Nutritionist. Competitive Power lifter (we’re all a bit scared of her). Food and wine lover. Travelling soul. Reads like a crazy person. We’ll read about her travel/food/wine experiences one day in the coolest magazines.

Tricia Belmonte

Ad Expert and Chief Analysis Nerd

Want to know how to make an ad better? Ask Tricia! For over 15 years she’s been a lover of marketing & analytics and tracking down how to make ads perform at their best capacity, Tricia keeps the clients happy and the leads flowing. Super energetic. Volunteer. Opportunity seeker. YouTube education video creator. Sea turtle and penguin advocate. Gets lost in forests (the good lost).

Virginia Ward

Ad Budgeter, Scheduler and “no-ad-messes-up-on-my-watch” genius

Virginia’s role is key to getting shit done. Posting ads, scheduling blogs for our clients, and many other tasks that keep the lights on for us all. Mom of 3. Challenge accepter. Dare taker. Super friend. Runner (not running away from things, just running).

Carly Hoffman

Kick-Ass Creative Graphic Designer

Carly’s ability to transmit emotion, feeling and invoke action through graphic design is second to none. She’s brilliant! Not all graphic designers were created equal and she’s def in that group at the top. Base player (she has a “Bass Face”. You should see it). Ass kicker. Concert goer (of which no one is surprised).

Jennifer Butwell

Finance Guru and Money Manager Extraordinaire

Jennifer rescues Rebecca from (if she was managing her money) certain financial ruin. Instead, she keeps the greenbacks flowing, the employees paid (happiness!) and the engines of the company running. Mom of 2. Someday world traveler. Super exerciser. Sense of humour that slays!

Anna Wiesen

Social Media Writer & Purveyor of Remarkable Content

Anna has 5+ years experience in social media, marketing, and business development for agencies, not-for-profits and startups. When she’s not writing content for Impetus she’s running a music marketing company with her partner, and being a servant to her pets Charles and Olive. She doesn’t believe any meal is complete without dessert.

Martyna Dumarand

Masterful Copywriter

“Masterful copywriter” is not putting to justice what Martyna can do. Her email, blog and web copy inspire action and make customers REALLY happy. Incredible bartender. Party lover. Travelling dynamo. Lover of life.