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About Impetus

Impetus is a 100% virtual company. We work from wherever makes us happy because we believe it empowers everyone to be better, be happier and therefore be more productive.

You won’t find us in some “trendy” office. No one is clocking in or out. Ugh.

We get the job done – on time, on budget and with top quality.

Impetus helps companies of every size and industry get MORE from their social media programs. Rebecca, the Chief Mess Maker (yes, that’s on her card), studies the algorithms on the social networks to know exactly the rules of the game – and then beats the system. Her background is database marketing, so if you can’t measure it, she’s not doing it. No one is.

This passion for results and measurability is transmitted from top to bottom at Impetus so whether you’re working with our writers on producing incredible content, discovering new ways to convince prospects to take action with our ad expert, or being wowed by what your personal client manager is telling you – we are ALWAYS at the top of our game.

Okay, that was a long sentence. In a nutshell: We’re a team of social media nerds that love to work from our happy places, doing amazing work for our clients that we’re so proud of we’d shout about it from the rooftops (and sometimes we do, but that was a Christmas party that we remember fondly…and quietly).