5 Ways Instagram Stories Can Sky Rocket Your Business

Instagram stories are pure genius (in my opinion, anyways). When Instagram noticed businesses telling their followers to check them out on Snapchat, they didn’t waste any time incorporating a similar feature.


In August 2016 Instagram Stories was born, and while some businesses have stayed loyal to Snapchat, others use both, and many have completely made the switch.


Similar to Snapchat, Instagram Stories are available for your audience to watch for 24 hours and then, poof, they’re gone!


Whether you already have a loyal following on Instagram or are trying to grow your customer base, the Stories feature is going to be gold. Do you want to build your community? Boost brand awareness? Connect with your customers on a deeper level? With Instagram Stories, you can check them all off your list!


Here are 5 ways to do it.


  1. Encourage engagement

One of the best features of Instagram Stories is that your followers can direct message you right then and there. Encourage engagement with your followers by asking them questions and telling them to message you with their reply. Then make sure to respond. They’ll feel special and you’ll build stronger relationships with potential customers.


  1. Compliment your brand

With filters, text overlay and the Boomerang feature, you can use Instagram Stories as part of your branding strategy. Curate photos and videos that suit your brand and highlight the fun, creative side of your business.


  1. Give your followers a glimpse

Do you have a business meeting at an awesome coffee shop? Are you travelling to a cool spot to do a photoshoot for your website? Share it with your followers as an Instagram story! A glimpse into a day in your life will help them relate to you and your biz.


  1. Sneak peek a new product

If you’re launching a new product or service, get your followers excited by sharing a sneak peek! This will help create buzz around the launch and build a devoted group of customers waiting to be the first in line for your new product or service!


  1. Get creative

Most people use Instagram because it’s such a creative platform! So guess what? Your followers WANT to check out your creative process. Are you writing a blog post? Selling gorgeous homes? Creating an Instagram flat lay? Share the process with your followers to get them hooked on your brand!


Are you using Instagram Stories for your business? I’d love to hear some of YOUR tips for using it to grow your business!

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