2 Amazing Tools to Increase Influence & Reach on Twitter

Twitter is one of those places where you need to post a LOT, and this usually scares most people away. How on EARTH can you find the time to post 15 times PER DAY on Twitter?? And why would you have to post so often?

Let’s deal with the WHY first.

Twitter is a constantly flowing stream of content, but Tweeters don’t interact with it the same way they would with Facebook, where there’s a defined news feed full of conversations, and dialogue is the name of the game.

People find content on Twitter typically through searching up terms and hash tags instead of relying on finding content in their news feed. This is why using highly searched words and hash tags that define your content help you to be found and retweeted by others. Sometimes there is a back and forth dialogue, which is truly exciting, and you’re going to want to respond to it quickly (Just as you would on any other network). Twitter is where you are most likely to be found by people you don’t know yet, giving you the greatest opportunity to develop a highly influential profile with a much wider audience.

So that sums up the “why”: Twitter can be your greatest and most valuable growth tool and you do that by posting content often. The more you post, the more people will find you, and the greater your opportunity to create a highly influential profile.

How to post 15x per day

So if content is the name of the game on Twitter, then you need to find a way to make it work for you. There are hundreds of options for you, and that’s not what this post is about. I want to share with you the two tools I use to make finding and posting content on Twitter 15-20 times per day easy – and fast.

Tool #1: Bundlepost.com

This is my secret weapon, and to be honest, I didn’t use them for about 6 months (and yes, I was paying for it. Kinda like my gym membership I paid for for 3 years but didn’t go until VERY recently). So, my procrastination notwithstanding, Bundle post is a tool where you can upload a feed from your favorite websites, your blog or favourite quotes, and Follow Friday folks to tag your most influential followers and let them know you appreciate their support.

It can take a few minutes to set up, but their help and support team is amazing. So now, the day before, I go into Bundle post, select from the most recent articles and links from my favourite websites and blogs, and upload them into a schedule I created that will post once per hour from 7am to 9pm. That takes me a total of 5 minutes. It creates a .csv file that I can then bring into Hoot suite, upload as a bulk post schedule, and away I go.

Tool #2: Hoot suite Suggestions

I use Hoot suite as the place to which I upload my Bundlepost schedule, but if I want to find a few more pieces of content, or maybe do additional preplanning for the next day, I use Hoot suite Suggestions – content that, based on my previous posts and selections, Hootsuite believes I’d like to share with my fan base.

I simply scan through the suggested content, pick the ones I want, choose the date and time and add my own words into the tweet if I want to personalize it.

These are two tools that I use that give me the freedom to tweet out great content, tailored to my follower’s interests, and have allowed me to significantly increase the number of people in my sphere of influence.

Bundle post is not free, but it’s the most amazing tool. If you’re on the cheaper side, you can still use Hoot suite Suggestions in the free version (which is what I use).  The free version of Hoot suite allows you to upload 3 social networks/streams which works for me because it’s only on Twitter that I post that often.

I’d love to hear about the systems you use to save time for social networking, and I hope you can use these two suggestions to make your life easier – and increase your influence and social reach on Twitter!


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